Your Pets and Your Roof Repair or Replacement

Your Pets and Your Roof Repair or Replacement

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roof repair or roof replacement can scare petsIf you’ve been on our Facebook page, you know we love pets and have several rescues of our own. We’ve suggested that you always let your neighbors know when you’re having a roof replacement so they can have a bit of warning of the noise and construction vehicles on the street. However, have you given much thought to your pet’s comfort and safety the day or days we’re on site? You should, especially if the 4th of July is stressful for them.

Roof Repair

Depending on how extensive the repair is will determine how much hammering we’ll do (and how long we’ll be there). Most repairs don’t take too long and putting your pet in a room as far from the section of the roof being repaired with some background noise and familiar toys can help. You can also take your dog for a walk during the repair which will keep them out of the house during the banging. Of course, if you have a neighbor with a fenced in yard or one who doesn’t mind a furry visitor for a little while, that’s a great option too.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a bit different. For the most part, we can replace a roof in one day and your sales rep will let you know how long we expect yours to last. You may want to consider sending your dog to a doggie day care the day of the replacement. If you’re going to be home all day and can comfort the dog’s anxiety, that may work too. Just try to keep music or white noise on to mask the constant nail gun sounds. Taking them for frequent walks may help lessen the anxiety by getting out of the noise. Remember, we often arrive first thing in the morning and stay until dusk to get the job done. That makes for a long and stressful day for your furry family member if they’re home and alone.

What Your Roofing Company Want You to Know

Although you may have a fenced in yard that your pet is use to being contained in, please don’t count on the gate to remain closed the entire time. Sometimes we’re hauling debris or new shingles in and out and can’t close the gate on every trip. Plus, not all dogs like strangers in their yard so just our presence may make them uncomfortable (and us too).

We love pets and want what’s best for them. If you have questions about how long your roof repair or replacement will last, just ask. Our goal is to make whatever your roofing needs are as convenient to you and your family (including the furry members) as possible. Call 407-388-7700 today for your roof repair or roof replacement estimate.

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