Your Custom Home Needs a Roof, who will Your Roofer Be?

Your Custom Home Needs a Roof, who will Your Roofer Be?

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new roof on a custom homeA custom-built home comes with many decisions. One that many homeowners give little thought to is their new roof. Your roof is a very visible element of your home and isn’t something you should leave for the last minute. In fact, you need to talk to your builder about the roofing company they’ll be using in your initial conversations. Find out what options you have for your new roof. Here are some questions to ask.

1.      Who is the Roofing Company?

You want to know this information because you want a local and licensed roofer with experience. You want to understand the brands they use and their workmanship warranty. Although your home builder likely gives you a one- or two-year home warranty, you should also verify that your new roof is covered. When a licensed roofing company installs your new roof, it should be covered by the manufactuer’s warranty as well. Don’t hesitate to ask about that as well. Nearly as important as licensing is the reputation of the roofing company so look into that once you find out who it will be.

2.      What Options Do I Have for My New Roof?

Your builder should tell you which brand or brands you can choose from. You’ll also want to know which of that manufacturer’s lines they included in their quote for the home. Don’t be afraid to push back and ask for something different. That may mean choosing a different roofing company and incurring some cost. Your new roof needs to be installed by a licensed and professional roofer with experience who backs their work. Plus, you want a brand of materials that will stand up to the tough weather conditions in Central Florida.

3.      Can I Upgrade to Tile or Metal Roofing?

If you the roofer your builder works with only installs asphalt shingles, don’t expect them to install another material for your new roof. If you understand the benefits of tile and metal roofing and that’s something you want, you should work with your builder to make your home just as you desire. That may mean that you need a different roofer. You don’t want a roofing company who only installs asphalt to try to install tile or metal.

If you’re building a house and are working with a custom home builder, or are a custom home builder, Russ Noyes Roofing wants to work with you on new roof installation. We offer our satisfaction guarantees to your customers and we install asphalt, tile and metal roofing. If you’re building a home, remember, it’s best to talk to your builder early in the process and find out if they have a roofing company they work with and what brands they use for your new roof.

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