Why Low Price Doesn’t Guarantee a Good Contractor

Why Low Price Doesn’t Guarantee a Good Contractor

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We always encourage homeowners to seek out the best deals for roofing in Orlando, but never at the expense of quality. Many Orlando roofers offer amazing prices and discounts on everything from materials to labor, but are these too good to be true? Here’s why a low price isn’t always the sign of a quality contractor, and what to look for instead.

May Work With Inferior Materials

One of the reasons a subpar contractor can get away with super low prices is because he or she works with equally subpar materials. These are often weaker and less durable than industry-standard products, let alone those on the cutting edge. They may also be cheaply manufactured, leading to questions of structural integrity. Roofing is not the place to mess around with haphazard or bargain materials, so be sure to hire a contractor who takes quality seriously.

Doesn’t Do a Comprehensive Job

Roof inspections in Orlando are an important part of regular maintenance, which is just one reason we are the only roofing company in Orland who can offer the Overhead Care Club. When performed correctly, they can extend the longevity of your roof and thwart any complications before they turn into costly problems. If a roofer gives you a quote for an inspection that seems laughably low, it probably is. The low asking price may mean the contractor is aiming for speed over thoroughness, perhaps missing things like:

  • Clogged downspouts
  • Debris in gutters and around foundation
  • Loose flashing
  • Mold
  • Rust
  • Wall staining

Real roofing experts will take the time to perform a comprehensive evaluation, and they’re not willing to devalue the job.

Customer Satisfaction Isn’t Important

The worst thing a shockingly low price can indicate is, of course, a total disregard for customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on speed over quality, the bargain roofer has little time for building a relationship and rapport with each customer. Don’t expect any sympathy when problems inevitably arise, and always hire roofers who make your satisfaction their number one priority.

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