When Is the Best Time to Make Roof Repairs?

When Is the Best Time to Make Roof Repairs?

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Most homeowners know that they’re supposed to address storm damage in Orlando as soon as it happens, but is there really a perfect time to do so? Roofers in Orlando know that there are many great times to schedule an inspection and make repairs, but speed is important every time. Here are some of the best times to make repairs to your roof in order to promote the overall health of your home.

As Soon as You Spot Damage

If there were one single best time to make an Orlando roof repair, it would be the minute you spot the signs of damage. Simply put, damage will become worse and more expensive longer it goes unfixed, so it’s important to resolve any issues right away. Check your roof after hurricanes and other storms to catch any small problems before they become big ones. It’s also important to have your roof inspected by a professional contractor regularly to ensure everything looks good.

When Weather Is not a Problem

If you have to make repairs, talk to your contractor about scheduling the appointment when you know weather will not be a problem. Roof repairs go smoothest when the sun in shining and wind is not an issue. It’s best to avoid hurricane season unless the problem is urgent, as bad weather can cause delays.

When Replacement Is out of Question

You should also feel free to move ahead with repairs when you know that replacement is out of the question. This often depends on the age of your roof, its life expectancy, and overall condition. If you know that your roof is good to last for another ten years or more, it usually makes more sense to invest in small repairs rather than a total replacement.

If the damage is widespread or you are simply unsure of the best course of action, talk to your local contractor.

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