What Influences the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

What Influences the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

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roof replacment costIf you’re a savvy consumer you likely called more than one roof replacement company for a quote. Those quotes may vary drastically or by only a few hundred dollars. Do you wonder why some roofing companies charge more than others? There are many factors that go into a roof replacement quote. You want to know what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure the company you’re considering hiring is providing the same product and service as the other companies.


Materials are a large portion of the cost of a roof replacement. When you ask the roof replacement company about the products they’ll be using, you need to talk about more than just shingles. The materials needed in a roof replacement include the shingles, underlayment, nails, and flashing. Let’s assume you’re only talking to roofing companies who sell GAF shingles and they’ve all priced the same Timberline Ultra HD® Barkwood shingle. Why are the product portion of the quotes still different?

Depending on the roofing company, they may use felt paper or a synthetic underlayment, which will cost more, but protect your home better. Some roofers use cheap nails rather than roofing nails that resist rust. Lastly, not all roofers replace all flashing during a roof replacement. Find out why kind of flashing they’ll be using and if they’re replacing all yours which is industry best practice.


The other itemized portion of most estimates is the labor. Some roofing companies use employees while others use day labors. You want to hire a roofing company who has their own employees. A roofing company that takes the time to background check, hire, and train their employees rather than relying on day laborers or contractors generally has better quality control. Be aware, not all roofers will be honest with your about where their installers come from.

Another element of labor is whether your roof replacement estimate includes removal and disposal of your existing roof. A roofer who simply does an overlay saves time and money so your estimate may be less. You want a complete tear off for your roof replacement so your new roof will last as long as it should. The cost of disposal should be included in the estimate.

Other Things the Influence Price

A better established and trained roofing company charges more than a new company. They often offer workmanship warranties and longer overall warranties. They may have roofing maintenance plans as options to help your roof last. You may find that a roofing company with a strong reputation charges more too because they do great work that costs a bit more.

Russ Noyes Roofing is a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor. We aren’t the cheapest roof replacement company in Orlando but that’s because we do the job right. From having trained installers to using the recommended products for the best installation, you can be assured that your roof replacement with Russ Noyes Roofing will last and that you’ll love your new roof. Call 407-388-7700 today to schedule your estimate.

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