What Does Humidity Have to Do With Roofing?

What Does Humidity Have to Do With Roofing?

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Homeowners may not always realize it, but humidity often plays a big role in roofing in Orlando, FL. A dry home with minimal indoor humidity promotes a healthy attic and roof, while excessive moisture can put a roof on the fast track to water damage and even bigger problems. Here are three ways indoor and outdoor moisture can impact the health of your roof.

A Dry Home Makes a Healthy Roof

Orlando roofers know that one of the best things homeowners can do to promote the longevity of their roofs and combat our local humidity is to keep indoor air moisture to an absolute minimum. Moisture in the air has to go somewhere. When that moisture happens to be inside our homes, it works its way up to the attic and ultimately to the roof. Give your house a helping hand by doing your part to keep things dry.

Excessive Attic Moisture Can Lead to Problems

When water does work its way up into the attic, you put your home at serious risk for future Orlando roof repair. Many homeowners do not stop to think about the moisture level of the attic, which allows water to sit and fester for extended periods of time. This can lead to problems like rot and mold, and it can even compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

Outdoor Humidity Can Intensify Water Damage

As if the humidity inside our homes wasn’t enough, our roofs also have to put up with typical Orlando weather. Even when the sun is shining, it’s not uncommon for the air to remain damp. It’s important to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis to check for signs of water damage, especially after a storm. This will help you catch and resolve any issues early before they have time to turn into big problems.

When it comes to a healthy roof, think dry!

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