What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

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storm damage roof repair from hailLuckily there hasn’t been a hail storm in Orlando this season. In an average year at least two areas end up with some sort of hail damage to their roofing. Sometimes the damage is obvious and you know you need to call both your insurance company and a roof repair company but other times it’s not as identifiable. Do you know what to look for after a hail storm?

Hail Damage Facts

Some people mistakenly think that there can only be hail damage when the hail is large. That’s not true. They also think anyone can identify hail damage but that’s also not always true. It takes the trained eye of a HAAG certified roofing inspector to really identify hail and storm damage. Nearly any size hail can cause damage depending on a few factors:

  • The direction the storm was moving
  • The age and state of your roof
  • The strength of the wind

When all these conditions come together in the perfect storm, you may have hail damage while your neighbor doesn’t because of the state of your roof and the angle of your home against the storm.

Hail damage doesn’t always mean a roof replacement. Depending on the area damaged and the age of your roof, you may just need a roof repair. You want to work with a HAAG certified roofing inspector. They’re highly trained to identify storm damage and will work on your behalf to get you the proper restoration for your roof even if your insurance company only thinks you need a small repair.

How it Looks

It can look differently depending on the color of your shingles and the angle of the sun or how much light there is. Don’t just look at your roof once, take a look throughout the day as you may only be able to notice the bruising, dents, or dark spots on the shingles when the sun hits it at a specific angle. Hail damage doesn’t leave a distinct pattern, the hail falls randomly so it damages randomly. One side of your roof may have no damage at all while the other side has clearly visible dents. Cracks are an extreme sign of hail damage as is damage to your gutters.

Metal roofing and roof tiles can also be damaged. You’re also likely to see chips or cracks in tile roofing after a hail storm. Of course, clay tile is more susceptible to damage than concrete tile roofing.

Don’t delay calling your insurance company and roofing company if you suspect storm damage. Storm damage can quickly lead to roof leaks. Russ Noyes is a HAAG certified roofing inspector and will advocate for you if your insurance company isn’t properly covering your storm damage claim. Call 407-388-7700 today for your no obligation inspection.


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