What a is Professional Roof Repair Company?

What a is Professional Roof Repair Company?

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We’ve talked previously about the possible perils of DIY roof repair but there are also reasons why you should only hire a professional roof repair company. There are many roofing companies out there, some only install new roofing, others are storm chasers with questionable qualifications, and, of course, many handyman services. Every roofing type requires different skills and training and if the roof repair company you call isn’t skilled in your roofing material, you may end up with a repair that doesn’t work and costs you more money than if you hired a professional roof repair company in the first place. Here are things to check before making a call.

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The Website Tells a Story

Granted anyone can hire someone to build a website. A company can claim anything they want to on the website. Here’s the story it will tell – a professional roof repair company, meaning a company that focuses on roof repair, will have a page dedicated to that service. They will likely have several blogs talking about repair services. They may even have a roof maintenance and repair program like the Overhead Care Club.

Facebook and Google Support Their Story

Facebook and Google both have reviews from customers. Business owners can’t delete the reviews, alter them, or edit them. That means, for the most part, those reviews are from genuine customers. When you see multiple reviews speaking to the quality of work and excellent service from a company, you have a good feel for what kind of service you can expect.

The BBB Can Confirm It

The BBB handles complaints about businesses. Granted it’s nearly impossible to please everyone all the time, however, if a business has a complaint and it was resolved satisfactorily, then you can be confident that the company will be capable of serving you well.

Although having a roof leak is stressful and sometimes you urgently need a repair, it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to check out a company who will be on your roof making the repair before calling them. You can take comfort that Russ Noyes Roofing has vast experience in residential roof repair. If you have storm damage or an aging roof in need of some attention, call us at 407-388-7700 and we’ll provide you with a professional comprehensive inspection and detailed quote for your roof repair.

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