Understanding the Insurance Claims Process for Roof Storm Damage

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process for Roof Storm Damage

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When your home or roofing in Orlando is damaged by a storm, it’s important to understand the process of filing an insurance claim and getting the repairs or roof replacement covered by your insurance company. Here is a quick overview of the process; if you are in need of help with your storm damage claims, talk to an experienced storm damage contractor in Orlando to help you with all the details.

1: Identify Storm Damage

The first thing you should do is inspect your roofing to identify all the areas that were damaged by the storm. Document all the damage that you find with photos, video, and other evidence, and print out news stories about the storm in your area so you have proof that the storm happened in case it’s required.

2: Contact Your Insurance Carrier

It’s important that you contact your insurance carrier as quickly as possible after identifying the storm damage so you can make sure they are aware of the claim you plan to file. Again, keep meticulous notes of phone calls, conversations, and emails that you exchange with your insurance.

3: Get Estimates of the Repair Costs

Contact storm repair contractors in Orlando to provide you with an estimate of what it would cost to repair or replace the roof. Don’t rely on contractors who provide a quote over the phone without ever coming to inspect your property, and make sure the estimate includes repairs to all areas of your roof or home that suffered storm damage.

4: Meet With the Adjustor

Your insurance company will require that you have the property inspected by an insurance adjustor, and it’s a good idea to have your chosen Orlando roofing contractor present during that inspection to ensure you get a fair estimate of all the damage and that the insurance company won’t try to deny your claim if it’s a valid claim. You do have the option to meet with more than one adjustor if your initial claim is denied.

5: Receive Payment and Get Started on Repairs

Once the claim is approved you should receive payments from your insurance carrier to pay for materials and labor. These payments will be given to your roofing contractor as a deposit for the materials purchase, and as a final payment when the work is complete and the project passes inspection.

For more help with insurance claims and roofing damage in Orlando, get in touch with a contractor who has experience working with these claims to help you through the process.

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