Understanding Roofing Terms

Understanding Roofing Terms

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Roofing TermsWe’ve spend a lot of time with homeowners explaining our roof repair and roof replacement quotes. It’s important to us that every potential customer has a complete understanding of the estimate we provide and the work we’re proposing. Because of this, we decided to write a short blog with some roofing terms that homeowners have been asking about.

What is a Square?

Roofers throw this term around a lot. A roofing square, or square for short, is 100 square feet. Bundles of roofing shingles cover about 1/3 of a square. This allows us to easily price your roof replacement or if you have a large area needing repair where we’ll be replacing shingles, the roof repair.

Roof Deck? Our Deck Doesn’t Have a Roof.

No but your roof has a deck. If you’ve ever been in your attic, you can easily see your roof deck from the inside. The roof deck, usually plywood, is nailed to the joists, usually 2X4’s. The plywood forms the roof deck and is what the roofing material is attached to.

Blow-Offs Due to Overdriven Nails

With the many hurricane related roof inspections we’re performing, this is one we’ve put on a lot of roofing estimates. When your roofer installed the shingles, they may not have had the nail gun set to the proper pressure and that results in overdriven nails. This makes it easy for the nails to go through the shingle. The result is improperly affixed shingles. When a strong wind comes along, like we had with Irma, the shingles simply blow off. Keep in mind blow-offs don’t always mean the shingles is completely missing. It may blow off and become misaligned enough that it no longer protects the roof as it should, resulting in a roof leak.


If your roofer installed your new roof on top of your old roof, you may have telegraphing. This term refers to new shingles reflecting the uneven surface of the shingles beneath. This is a leading cause of water damage. If your old roof had leaks and your new roof isn’t properly sealed because it can’t lay flat, the cause of your water damage is telegraphing. This often requires a complete tear-off and roof replacement.

These are just a few roofing terms that we’re being asked about by our customers. If you have a question about any term on your quote or that our team member use, please stop us and ask. We want you to be fully informed of the work we’re proposing for your roof repair or replacement. If you need an inspection due to storm damage or an aging roof, call Russ Noyes Roofing at 407-388-7700 to schedule your estimate.

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