How Much Training Does a Roofing Contractor Need? The Answer Might Surprise You

How Much Training Does a Roofing Contractor Need? The Answer Might Surprise You

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There are some professions out there that don’t require much in the way of training and expertise—but Orlando roofing is certainly not one of them. While there are a few DIY enthusiasts who think that roofing is something that can easily be done over the weekend, the truth is that to get a high quality Orlando roof that will be worth the money you have to spend, you are much better off hiring a well-trained and well-qualified roofing contractor. The amount of education and training that your local roofing contractor gets might just surprise you.

State Licensing Requirements

Most states have pretty stringent requirements for roofing contractors to get licensed and carry insurance. In fact, in the state of Florida a person must sit for two separate exams, one that covers business and finance and the other that covers the trade of roofing itself. Each exam is 4.5 hours long, and contractors must obtain 70 percent or higher to pass.

When a contractor applies for a roofing license, Florida requires that he or she show four years of experience and a good credit report. They also must prove they have general liability insurance that covers a minimum of $100,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage.

Ongoing Training

In addition to the initial training that your local Orlando roofing contractor must go through in order to pass the state licensing requirements, the best companies will also emphasize ongoing training—in fact, in Florida it’s required that a contractor take 14 hours of continuing education in the trade in order to renew a license. While it’s important to learn the basics on roof installation and maintenance, like any industry the roofing industry is always changing to offer better products and services.

Ask what recent trainings your local Orlando roofer has attended before you hire so you can determine whether you’re working with a company that focuses on continual improvement and advancement.

Professional Certifications

Roofers in Orlando are also held to a high standard by the professional organizations and manufacturers that we work with. Companies like GAF and professional roofing associations require that roofers go through a rigorous process in order to sell, install, and repair roofing in Orlando and throughout the country.

When it comes to an investment as important as your Orlando roofing, it’s not something you want to trust to just anyone. Hire a trained and certified roofing contractor so you know you’re getting the best quality possible to protect your home or business.

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