Top 4 Things to Know About Your Roofing Warranty

Top 4 Things to Know About Your Roofing Warranty

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The roofing warranty that you get when you have a new Orlando roof installed is not something that should be a great mystery. Unfortunately many people do not take the time to read through and understand their warranty (let’s face it, this is probably not the most exciting reading that you will find), and that can lead to misunderstandings and even unintentionally voiding the warranty. Here are four things to know about your Orlando roofing warranty.

1: No Roofing is Guaranteed Forever

A warranty is a tool that many manufacturers like to use to sell products, but it is not a guarantee that your roofing in Orlando will last forever. The time frame that a warranty is valid is also not necessarily an indication of how long the roof will last. If you don’t properly maintain your roof it could wear out long before the warranty expires and you may not be able to redeem the warranty to replace it in those cases.

2: There is a Difference Between Labor and Manufacturing Warranties

There are two common types of roofing warranties, one that covers manufacturing defects (often provided by the company that makes the roofing materials) and the other that covers problems related to installation and labor (often provided by the Orlando roofing contractor that you hire). You can get one or both, depending on what is available for the roofing you choose and the contractor you work with. Be sure to understand what each one covers and where their limits are so you know what you are going to have to pay for out of pocket if you have to fix the roof.

3: Avoid Activities that Void the Warranty

Most warranties will include fine print that outlines all the things that might void the warranty. Some of the most common things include:

  • Having an unlicensed contractor perform repairs, additions, or changes to the Orlando roofing
  • Installing unauthorized items on the roof, such as satellites or skylights
  • Not performing required maintenance or repairs

When you sell you home this also generally voids the warranty, so don’t believe a homeowner that tells you their roofing warranty will still be valid. Check it out on your own to make sure that is true.

4: Understand What is Covered

Before you sign the warranty, be sure you clearly understand what costs are covered and what things you might have to pay for out of pocket if you need to redeem the warranty. Some warranties for Orlando roofing cover the cost of labor and materials, others only cover one or the other. Also check if it covers both repairs and replacement—you might end up needing a new roof only to find out that the warranty only covers simple repairs or vice versa.

As with any warranty, be sure to document problems with photographs or video, and save any pertinent paperwork and receipts so you can submit them if you need to redeem the policy.

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