Top 4 Reasons to Choose a GAF Certified Installer

Top 4 Reasons to Choose a GAF Certified Installer

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Your roof is a major investment, and getting the right roofing materials and the right quality installation can make a big difference in a roof that is a good investment versus one that might end up costing you more money down the line. Here are four good reasons to choose a GAF certified installer for your roofing in Orlando.

Proper Licensing

In order to become a GAF certified installer, an Orlando roofing company must show that it has the proper licensing required by the state of Florida. Working with a licensed contractor is a great way for homeowners to protect themselves from unscrupulous roofers who might try to get away with providing lower quality work or participate in illegal business practices.

Adequate Insurance

Another requirement for GAF certified installers is that the company or roofer in Orlando has the right insurance coverage. You want to work with roofers that have both liability and worker’s compensation insurance for appropriate protection in case something happens. Liability insurance will pay for damage to your home or property that might occur when the roofer is repairing or installing a new roof. Worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage in case someone is hurt on the job—without it, the homeowner could be liable for paying medical bills if that happens.

Reputation for Quality

When an Orlando roofing company wants to become a GAF certified company, their installers go through a rigorous educational program using materials developed by GAF technical experts so they are well trained in the materials and techniques needed to install a quality roof. This experience and knowledge allows GAF certified installers to offer one of the best warranties in the business, offering you better protection for one of your biggest assets.

Ongoing Professional Training

In addition to the original training, GAF installers also receive ongoing professional training to stay updated on industry trends and techniques, so you get consistently high quality from your Orlando roofing company.

The stringent standards required for GAF certification means that only a fraction of all roofing companies have qualified installers who can give you a quality roof with a long-term warranty. Working with GAF certified installers helps you get quality with the backing of one of America’s strongest roofing material manufacturers.

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