Is it Time for Roof Maintenance?

Is it Time for Roof Maintenance?

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Whether you own a small business or are a facilities manager, roofing maintenance should be budgeted for. It helps prevent small issues from turning into big roof repair bills. Even though your commercial roofer will charge you for their annual maintenance inspection and the work they do, most of the time, regular roof maintenance helps the roof last longer and lowers the overall lifetime cost of the roof.

What Happens During a Maintenance Roof Inspection?

Your commercial roofer will look at the entire roofing system. With steep slope roofs it often includes going into the attic and inspecting that area as well. The purpose of the inspection and maintenance is to correct areas that are failing or repair the defects in the roof. Some of the elements generally included in your roof maintenance appointment are:

  • Ensure skylights, HVAC and all other items attached to the roof for proper seals and reseal when necessary.
  • Check that all flashing and seal when needed.
  • Inspect for tears, holes and other issues that may allow water into the building.
  • Check and clean drainage system.

Although minor sealing is included in the maintenance, actual roof repair isn’t. Your commercial roofer will provide you with an estimate for any issues requiring repair. Generally, unless there is storm damage or other abuse, often your maintenance will prevent the need for actual roof repair.

When Do You Need a Maintenance Appointment?

If you’ve had a new roof installed, your commercial roofer should let you know their recommended maintenance schedule. If you’re a new building owner or facilities manager and can’t find the repair or maintenance records, you should schedule an inspection now. We recommend roofing maintenance at least once a year. As your roof ages or if it gets a lot of traffic, consider twice a year inspections. Of course, you should go up onto your roof after every storm and make sure that there isn’t any storm damage that may be covered by your insurance policy.

Russ Noyes Roofing is an Orlando commercial roofer offering roof repair, maintenance and new roof installation. We’re HAAG certified commercial roofing inspectors so we know what to look for to help your roof last as long as it should with the lowest lifetime cost possible. Call us today at 407-388-7700 to schedule your initial inspection and learn about our commercial maintenance programs.

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