The Importance of Maintaining Your Gutters

The Importance of Maintaining Your Gutters

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Roofing companies in Orlando will tell you that clogged gutters lead to roofing issues. Few roofing companies in Orlando offer roof maintenance services that include gutter cleaning. As the local exclusive provider of the Overhead Care Club (OCC), we include gutter cleaning and maintenance as part of two of the available packages. That’s because we know the importance of good gutter maintenance which includes cleanings. Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system and an even more important part of your home.

The Dangers of Dirty Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to allow the water to flow off your roof and away from your home’s foundation. If yours are clogged with debris or leaves, they can’t do their job. Water ends up running over the top and water pools against your home. This leads to water under your foundation which can cause issues. Clogged gutters that are full of water also puts excess strain on your roofline and fascia.

Repair Costs

Keeping your gutters clean and affixed to your home will help keep you repair costs low. When you call one of the many roofing companies in Orlando for a quote for roof repair, you may be surprised at their quotes. Poorly maintained gutters can do significant damage. Not only may your fascia need replacing but your gutters and trim as well. When water sits against your home’s exterior, it deteriorates it. The excess weight of the gutters can cause them to become detached from your home. Sometimes a section falls, damaging siding and windows below. Plus, when the shingles at the end of your roof sit in the water in the clogged gutters, they require replacing before the rest of the roof.

How to Keep Your Gutters Properly Maintained

Properly maintained gutters take regular cleaning and inspection. If you notice that they’re leaking, pulling away from your home or sagging, you need to have them looked at and possibly replaced. When you clean your gutters a few times a year, you won’t need to worry about excess weight or overflowing gutters.

The OCC program helps with roofing and gutter maintenance. Of all the roofing companies in Orlando, Russ Noyes Roofing is the only one who offers the OCC. Ask us about our many roofing services when you call for your roofing inspection or to sign up for the OCC – 407-388-7700.

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