The Benefits of Tile Roofing

The Benefits of Tile Roofing

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roofing installation in orlando floridaOne of the best parts of living in Orlando, FL, is getting to enjoy the plentiful sunshine and warm weather. In fact, our beautiful weather is one reason tile and roofing in Orlando go together like two peas in a pod. Here are five other benefits to choosing tile for residential and commercial roofing in Orlando.

1. Superior Longevity

Tile may seem fragile at first glance, but this long-lasting material can easily live 40 – 50 years. It’s one of the most durable roofing materials on the market and has been used in Europe for centuries. Tile’s longevity also makes it one of the most cost-effective roofing materials over its lifecycle.

2. Eco-Friendly

Thanks to its makeup, tile is one of the most planet-friendly choices available for roofing. Whether made of clay or concrete, tile roofs help to keep waste out of landfills thanks to their exceptional durability and recyclability.

3. Stylish Curb Appeal

Europeans know their style, and that must be why tile continues to be a popular choice for maximizing curb appeal. Tile is readily available in many different patterns and colors, so you never have to worry about blending in with the pack.

4. Energy Efficient

Beyond good looks and longevity, tile is also incredibly efficient. It provides exceptional insulation properties and also assists with cooling during warmer months. If you want to save on your energy bill this spring and summer, tile may be your new best friend.

5. Fire Resistance

Lastly, one of the best qualities of tiles roofs is that they perform well without requiring much maintenance. They also reduce your chances of encountering Orlando roof repair as a result of fire, because tile is one of the most flame-resistant materials available. In fact, tough tile earns a Class-A fireproof rating, which is the highest possible.

For these reasons and more, tile is often a great choice for roofing in Orlando.

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