Considering Solar? Consider a Roof Replacement

Considering Solar? Consider a Roof Replacement

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Replace roofing before solarWith all the sun we see in Orlando, many homeowners are considering installing  solar power. Often, solar companies suggest a roof replacement prior to the installation of the solar panel array. If you are one of the homeowners considering solar, you may be wondering if you should also consider a roof replacement.

Start with a Professional Roofing Inspection

Although your solar company may recommend a roof replacement, they are not roofers. They only use their experience and judgement to determine if you need a replacement. As a general guideline, most solar companies and the roofers they work with recommend that if you have an asphalt roof that is more than eight years old, you should consider replacing it. Exceptions exist, like when the a high quality roofing product with a warranty of 30 years or more was installed.

Although the solar company may recommend an Orlando roofer they have worked with previously, it’s in your best interest to get a second opinion if their roofer recommends replacing your roof. Be sure to let your roofer know why you are having an inspection performed. They should evaluate your situation differently than if you were just wanting a routine maintenance inspection.

If the roofer recommends roof repairs, get them done! Although the panels generally weigh only about four pounds per square foot, you don’t want to put added stress on a weak area. Once a leak or other issue in your roof starts, it can quickly spread causing more problems. Even if you don’t end up getting a solar system installed, roof repairs should be attended to immediately.

If you ultimately determine that you are not going to replace your roof before installing solar, keep in mind these things:

  1. Your will incur an additional expense for the solar company to remove the panels and reinstall them for the eventual roof replacement.
  2. You may end up adding several weeks to the project if the solar company and roofer can’t coordinate their schedules.
  3. While the solar array is removed, you will not be producing electricity so your electric bill will increase.

Consider Cool Roofing

If you’ve determined that you’re going to replace your roof, why not consider cool roofing products? The majority of asphalt, metal, and tile roofing brands have cool roofing options. Cool roofing will further help reduce your electric bills by absorbing less heat than traditional roofs which reduces cooling system usage.

If you are considering a solar system for your home, talk to Russ Noyes Roofing Inc. We will give you a fair and honest assessment about the remaining service life of your roof and help you determine if the right time to replace your roof is now, before your solar panels are installed. Call us today at 407-388-7700 and we’ll perform a complete no obligation estimate.

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