Sinkholes Can Impact Your Roof

Sinkholes Can Impact Your Roof

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Unfortunately, sinkholes are becoming more and more common in the Orlando area. If your home experiences one, you’ve likely had to have some home repairs completed after the sinkhole is filled and the foundation is stabilized, but have you had a roof repair company inspect your roof? It may seem that the foundation is far from the roof but damage often occurs to the roof.

Roof Repair After a Sinkhole Repair

Once the sinkhole repair is complete, the next step is usually calling a structural engineer to inspect the structural stability of your home. Their inspection should include everything including the roof joists. If they find any shifting, cracking, or bowing to any part of your roof, you should call a local roof repair company. Only a licensed roofing contractor can properly perform roof repair that has damaged the structure of your roof.

Many homeowners don’t realize that even small shifts in their foundation carries all the way up to the roof. When a corner or side of the home sinks by a few inches, so does the wall. Sometimes the roof sags in the same area and other times the joists loosen from the wall. Damage isn’t often apparent to the naked eye. What you’re more likely to see is separation in your soffits or fascia. If you notice that type of damage and ignore it, you’re leaving your home open to rodents and other pests.

The Roof Repair Process

Depending on the type of damage and extent of that damage, repairs may be superficial or structural. In more extreme cases, the roof is removed down to the joists which are then repaired, replaced, or re-attached to the home. A new roof deck is installed along with underlayment. From there the roofing material is applied. Keep in mind that depending on the age and condition of your roof, the repaired area may be quite evident due to fading of the older part of the roof. If your roof is older, ask your roofing company if you would be better off with a complete roof replacement.

If you’re looking for an Orlando roofing company, contact Russ Noyes Roofing Inc. We have the knowledge and experience to perform any level of roof repair. Let our professionals evaluate your sinkhole damage or older roof and advise as the best course of action. Call 407-388-7700 today.

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