Signs it’s Time for a New Roof

Signs it’s Time for a New Roof

time for a new roof

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Orlando homeowners tend to replace their roofs more often than homeowners in other parts of the country. This is, in part, due to the near constant sun exposure and storm damage. While it’s both a blessing and a curse when you have a storm damage claim, it doesn’t always happen before you need a new roof due to other reasons. If you don’t know the signs you need a new roof, here are the top five.

1.      Constant Repairs

If you’ve called your Orlando roofing company more than twice in the past six months for issues attributed to an aging roofing system, you might want to talk to them about a new roof the next time you call them.

2.      Your Asphalt Roof is More Than 15 Years Old

Although there is no magic expiration date on a roof, most 3-tab shingle roofs have reached their end of life by 15 years. Chances are good that you’re facing multiple repairs and that a roof replacement would serve you better.

3.      It Just Looks Bad

Although this isn’t the reason most people get a new roof, it’s as valid a reason as any other. As your roof ages, it breaks down. Shingles begin to bend and curl. Granules shed. These signs not only look bad but they when your shingles break down, they can’t protect your home.

4.      Light in the Attic

If you can see daylight in your attic in one or more places, you likely have a roof leak that’s significant. Your roofing system has several layers – the trusses supporting the roof, the roof deck that covers the trusses and is what the underlayment and shingles attach to. When the shingles, underlayment and roof deck are damaged, you see daylight in your attic. Chances are very high that a new roof will be a better solution than a repair.

5.      The Roofer You Trust Recommends a New Roof

We say this with great emphasis on a the words roofer you trust because there are many Orlando roofing companies who aren’t the most honest and will tell you that you need a new roof when you really need a company who understands proper roof repair techniques. If, however, you’ve been using your roofing company for years and trust them, if they say you’d be better protected with a new roof, you may want to consider their recommendation.

Russ Noyes Roofing is a trusted Orlando roofing company with decades of experience in both roof repair and replacement. We never make false promises or recommend replacing a roof that needs repair. Our longevity and growth throughout the Orlando area is because our customers know they can trust us to do what’s in their best interests and to do it well. Call us today at 407-388-7700 and see how we’re a roofing company you can trust.

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