Holiday Decorating Tips to Help You Avoid Roof Damage

Holiday Decorating Tips to Help You Avoid Roof Damage

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safe christmas light hangingIt’s that time of year when we put up festive holiday decorations. If you’re hanging Christmas lights or considering covering your roof in something festive, take these tips into consideration. The last thing you want after the holidays is a to call us for roof repair!

Follow Safety Recommendations

There are many safety recommendations when it comes to hanging lights and other décor. One of the most commonly overlooked is the one on top of your ladder that says, “this is not a step”. You don’t want to stand and reach up from the very top of your ladder because you and it become unstable due to where your center of gravity is.

The next safety recommendation that should be followed is the maximum number of strands of lights that should be hung together. This is there to prevent fire. Every year homeowners suffer roof damage from electrical issues on their roofs. Don’t let this common mistake be a reason you need a roof replacement, roof repair, or something worse.

Along with stringing too many strands of lights together comes the mistake of using indoor only decorations outside. When you do this, you’re leaving your home at risk for fire damage. Outdoor decorations have different electrical wiring than indoor decorations. Indoor lights shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, water, or extreme temperatures.

No Nails!

Nailing into your shingles or fascia is sure to cause damage. Most roof leaks don’t show up until our rainy season and people can’t imagine why they need roof repair until we ask questions upon discovering the cause of the leak. The best way to hang lights is to use the clips that attach to your gutters. There are also clips for shingles but we don’t recommend those because they can remove the granules from your shingles which leads to faster deterioration.

If you want to attach something to your roof, don’t just drill or nail it into your roof. Attach fishing wire to the decoration and feed the wire to a hook or eyebolt mounted in your house below your gutters. This should keep the decoration stable and avoid roof damage. Just remember the more your climb on your roof, the more friction you’re placing on your shingles which can cause damage. Also, as the wind blows and moves your decorations on the roof it’s also causing friction which can result in premature roof repair.

All of us at Russ Noyes Roofing wish all of you a happy holiday season. If after you take down your decorations, you find roof damage or realize you’ve made a costly mistake, call us for a no obligation estimate. 407-833-7700.

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