Three Little Known Roofing System Innovations

Three Little Known Roofing System Innovations

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GAF Cool Series Weathered Wood Orlando Roofer
Photo courtesy of GAF, featuring Timberline Cool Series Weathered Wood Shingles with high solar reflectivity.

As an Orlando area roofer, we’ve talked about how roof materials have evolved over the past decade or more. Today we wanted to share a few roofing innovations with you that benefit you when you replace your roof. As manufacturing processes change and materials improve you’ll find that your new roof is more energy efficient and lasts longer than ever before. Good news for you, bad news for roofers!

1.      Reflective Roofing Options

Last week we blogged about how metal roofing is energy efficient. Part of that is its reflective surface. Today’s asphalt shingles also have reflective properties. Previously you had to choose a white roof to benefit from reflective asphalt granules, but today there are several colors that have improved solar reflectivity. Clay and concrete roofing tiles come in many colors and styles that reflect UV rays as well. When you choose an ENERGY STAR rated roofing material or just one with a higher solar reflectivity rating, you’ll save money.

2.      Ventilation

Most newer homes are built with ridge vents. Ridge vents help your attic breathe better than older box vents. There are two reasons. First, a ridge vent creates a vacuum in your roof allowing for more warm air to escape from the attic. Secondly because the ridge vent is continuous and non-mechanical, it provides a greater area for the air to escape without relying on mechanics. When your roof breathes, it allows moisture and hot air to escape. Trapped moisture and hot air age your roof more quickly than it should. If you currently have box vents or another type of ventilation system on your roof, ask your roofer about the possibility of adding a ridge vent during your roof replacement.

3.      Seamless Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system and have changed greatly with new technology. Originally gutters came in sections 8-12 feet long. That meant along any gutter system, there would be multiple seams. The seams are a point of failure in two ways. They can leak and they can catch leaves and form a clog. When you have new seamless gutters, there are fewer leaks and less opportunity for a clog to form in your gutter.

If you are in need of a roof replacement and want to learn more about how new roofing technology can improve your home, call your Orlando roofer Russ Noyes Roofing. We offer some of the most technologically advanced roofing materials available from manufacturers like GAF, Crown, and Exceptional Metals to name a few. If you’re ready to schedule your no-hassle roof inspection, call 407-388-7700 today.

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