Roofing Orlando, One Home at a Time

Roofing Orlando, One Home at a Time

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Our blogs are generally informative rather than a promotion of our services but today’s blog is just that. We’ve been roofing Orlando homes for over a decade as Russ Noyes Roofing and that says a lot about our company and how we stand behind our services. Not many Orlando roofing companies stick around that long and we know that our team, services, and guarantees are just a few reasons why so many homeowners choose Russ Noyes Roofing.

Our Team

Because we’ve been roofing Orlando homes for so long, our teams understand the best methods for our area. Orlando experiences heavy rains, strong winds, and relentless sun. When we perform a roof replacement, we make sure to install it to the standards of the state of Florida. We’re a local roofing company, not some storm chaser or national company who doesn’t understand the weather and the local laws.

Our Services

We only install and repair roofs. That allows us to properly train our staff on roof repair and roof replacements with the brands and types of roofs we sell and install. Whether you are looking for metal roofing, clay or cement tile roofing, or an asphalt roof replacement, we can help. We’ll evaluate your home and make the recommendation of the brand, style, and color that will be best for your home and budget.

When it comes to roof repair, few companies offer more than Russ Noyes Roofing. All our roof repairs qualify for our Roofing Rewards Program where 5% of the cost of your repair can be applied to a future repair or a roof replacement. If you’re a member of our Overhead Care Club, you receive a discount of at least 10% on all roof repairs.

Our Overhead Care Club is an easy way to help you ensure you have the proper roofing maintenance performed annually. From roof check ups, attic analysis, gutter cleanings ,and lifetime guarantees on repairs, this program can save you money and stress. Ask about the best option for your home today!

Our Guarantees

If you’re wary about Orlando roofing companies because you’ve been burned before, check out our guarantees. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantees on our service, roof repairs, roof replacements, and so much more. We want you to feel confident in choosing us so we make it as worry free as possible. We also want you to tell your friends and neighbors that you didn’t need any of our guarantees because our workmanship was just that good! (If you do tell your neighbors about us, be sure to use our refer-a-friend program to enter to win $1000!)

Those are just a few reasons why we’ve been roofing Orlando homes successfully and growing every year. We’d love to be your Orlando roofing company for roof repair or roof replacement. Contact us today for a no obligation estimate – 407-388-7700.

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