Understanding Your Roof’s Lifetime Cost – Part 2

Understanding Your Roof’s Lifetime Cost – Part 2

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We covered the different roofing materials in part one of this two-part blog series. Today’s we’re going to look at the installation portion of your new roof. Although the installation cost of your new roof may not be something you’ve thought about, it is a significant portion of the total roofing estimate. Depending on the material you choose, the installation cost will vary.


Because asphalt shingles come in strips, they take the least amount of time for installation. However, depending on whether your roofing estimate includes a tear off or if an overlay has been proposed, the cost can vary. If you notice that the installation from one company is significantly less than another, you should clarify that the old roof will be torn off before the new roof is installed. The time it takes to tear off the old roof and the disposal costs add to the total roofing estimate.


Both clay and concrete tile roofing take time to install because they are individual pieces. A good roofing company takes the necessary time to lay out the roof. They also follow the best practices from the Tile Roofing Institute and the manufacturer to ensure that the roof will hold up against strong wind we experience in Orlando.


Metal roofing can come in tiles or sheets. Depending on the type of metal roofing you choose, the installation method and time varies. That means installation may be similar to asphalt or tile roofing.

What is the Lifetime Cost of Your Roof?

Once you have a comprehensive estimate, you’ll want to look at the expected life of the roof. Then factor in regular inspections and maintenance. Of course, there will be a few unexpected roof repairs no matter what roofing material you choose. If your roofer offers an installation guarantee, find out exactly what that covers and for how long. This can impact the lifetime cost of your roof.

Russ Noyes Roofing always provides our customers with a comprehensive roofing estimate. We use quality materials and back all our work with our Satisfaction Guarantees. Because we never cut corners, you can be assured that no matter what roofing material you choose for your new roof, it will be installed to industry and manufacturer specifications. If you’re looking for a predictable way to know just what your annual inspections and maintenance will cost, consider our Overhead Care Club as part of your new roof.

If you’re looking for a roofing estimate from a company with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We’re local, licensed and insured. Call 407-388-7700 today to schedule your appointment.


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