Roof Replacement Issues After Storms

Roof Replacement Issues After Storms

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Over the past few years we’ve had several big storms, which have caused a lot of roof damage. Sadly, not all Orlando roofing contractors really are qualified or truly locally based companies. Because of that, we’re hearing from many homeowners who are now having roofing issues because of poor installation who can’t find the roofing contractors who originally installed their roof. You may be wondering what steps you should take.

1.      Hire One of the Reputable Orlando Roofing Contractors Immediately for Repair

Russ Noyes Roofing has a long history in Orlando and offers a clear and guaranteed pricing for our repairs. That means when you call us for a roof repair estimate, we give you a price and even if we find more damage than we initially thought, you only pay the price quoted. We also stand behind our work and guarantee the repair. Few Orlando roofing contractors offer both a guaranteed quote and guarantee their work.

2.      Contact Your Insurance Company if You Used Their Recommended Roofer

Some homeowners mistakenly think that the roofer that the insurance company recommends is the one they have to use. If you thought that, and used the roofer they recommended for your storm damage roof replacement or repair, they can be held liable if that roofer no longer exists and didn’t do the work properly. Let them know and find out how they will handle your additional expenses. Russ Noyes Roofing will provide you with a written explanation of the issues with the roof for them.

3.      Report the Issue to the State Licensing Board and the Better Business Bureau

Even if the company is no longer licensed, you can still report them to the state. Click here for the uniform contractor complaint form for the state of Florida. This will help the state. Furthermore, if you end up in court over the issue, your attorney will likely want you to take this step as well. This is where you can leave a complaint with the BBB. Of course, many businesses are also listed on Google, Houzz, Home Advisor and Angie’s List. If you found the contractor you used through one of those sources, leave a detailed and accurate account of what occurred for others so they’re well informed before choosing that roofer isn’t a bad idea either.

As a legitimate and ethical Orlando roofing contractor, we hate seeing shoddy work and problems with so many roofs less than three years old. If you find yourself in this situation and needing a roofer or if you hear of someone looking for an Orlando roofing contractor, we hope that you’ll refer them to us. Call 407-388-7700 or fill out our contact form for your appointment.

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