Roof Leak Repair is More than External

Roof Leak Repair is More than External

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As your roof leak repair company begins their inspection, you may be surprised when they ask for access to the inside of your home. Although some roof damage is simply on the outside, that’s not always the case. Often, as homeowners, we know we have an issue with our roofing because of water damage inside our home. If that’s the case with your roof leak repair, your roofing company should look in your attic.

What a Look Inside Your Attic Can Reveal

When you allow your roof leak repair company into your attic they want to evaluate as much of the inside of your roof as is visible. Here are some things they’ll look for:

  1. Where the roof leak originates – Water follows the path of least resistance so often where the water enters our homes is far from the actual roof leak.
  2. Extent of the damage – Depending on how long the leak has gone undetected and how large it is, the extent of the damage will vary.
  3. Your insulation – If water has damaged your insulation, it’s no longer functioning and after completion of the roof leak repair, you’ll want to replace your insulation in that area.
  4. Signs of other leaks – Although one leak may be evident, they may find others that should be repaired. Leaving roofing damage unrepaired only ends up costing you more in the end.

Once your roofing company evaluates the damage, they’ll provide you with their recommendations. The extent of the damage determines if you need a roof leak repair or a roof replacement.

Roof Leak Repair Process

Most roof leak repair entails removing shingles in an area larger than the actual hole. That’s because the damage isn’t limited to the area at the site of the leak. Replacing the damaged underlayment, roof deck and beams are the only way to properly repair the leak. Rarely is damage so extensive that the beams need replacing. When the entire area of damaged wood isn’t replaced, you can end up with wood rot which will lead to another, more extensive repair in the future. Simply covering up a hole with new shingles won’t keep the water out for long, especially wind-blown rain.

Regular roofing inspections can help reduce your need for extensive roof leak repair. That’s one reason Russ Noyes Roofing offers the Overhead Care Club (OCC) to their customers. It’s an easy way to have one or two roofing inspections every year (plus many other benefits). If you need roof leak repair or want to learn about the OCC, call us today at 407-388-7700 or fill out our contact form.

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