Scary Roof Damage from Pests

Scary Roof Damage from Pests

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local roof repair company to repair pest damageRodents, birds, and insects can both cause damage that requires extensive roof repair. Unlike storm damage, your insurance company won’t cover pest damage. Unfortunately, Orlando is a prime area for many species that like to take up residence in our roof. They damage both the interior and exterior. Here is some of the damage your local roof repair company may find in their regular maintenance inspection from a variety of pests.

Exterior Damage

There are many pests that can damage the exterior of your home. One that is not at all preventable is bird droppings. Bird droppings are highly acidic and the droppings can eat away at your shingles and tile roofing. Although you generally can’t prevent a bird from landing or leaving their mark on your roof, with regular roof cleanings, you can limit the damage.

Flying insects often build nests under your roof’s edge. When they build a nest on the soffit, your roof’s ventilation can be compromised. Eventually the nests end up large enough that they become cracked or dented which allow the pests into your home causing even more damage.

Interior Damage

Once the exterior damage becomes severe, it often leads to a hole in the roof, soffits, or fascia. When there is a way for pests to get in, they will. Some of the scarier creatures are roof rats and bats. Roof rats have been known to eat anything they find, including electrical wires. Two big problems can happen, they can be electrocuted, which leaves you with a dead animal in your roof or the exposed wire can lead to a house fire. Although bats will eat thousands of insects they also carry diseases. One bat in your home isn’t cause for alarm but one bat will lead to many more. Keeping your roofing system in good shape will help prevent bats from getting in.

We all know about termites and the damage they do. If you end up with significant termite damage, you may need a total roof replacement including structural repair. Raccoons can do some of the same type of damage in your attic very quickly because they’re so much larger.

Don’t let your roof sustain damage from pests. Work with your local roof repair company on regular roofing inspections, maintenance, and repair. If you need a local roof repair company you can trust, call Russ Noyes Roofing. We’ve been serving the Orlando region for over a decade as an exceptional local roof repair company. Call 407-388-7700 or fill out our contact form today.

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