Don’t Neglect Your Rental Properties – Schedule Roofing Inspections

Don’t Neglect Your Rental Properties – Schedule Roofing Inspections

rental property roofing inspections

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Rental properties require upkeep and maintenance just like your own home. If you’re landlord to one or many rentals, you should have a roofing company you trust performing regular roofing inspections as well as providing necessary maintenance and repairs. Afterall, you likely maintain the HVAC system and rest of the property, why would you neglect the roof?

Orlando Has a Lot of Rentals

Whether you rent to snow birds seasonally, tourists on short term rentals or have had the same tenant for years, chances are good they pay little attention to the roof. They’ll tell you immediately if the refrigerator isn’t working, but they may not even look at the roof unless a big storm came through. That means you need to take the time to make sure your roof is protecting your property and your tenants through regular roofing inspections. 

You may think that you’ll hear if there’s a roof leak, and that’s likely true, however, once there is a visible leak, there’s already significant damage. Regular roofing inspections will reduce your overall repair costs. Here are two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – Wait for a Call

You ignore the roof assuming everything is just fine. One day, after a big rain, your tenant contacts you saying that there’s a big brown spot on the ceiling. You ask them to investigate a little and they poke around and soon water begins leaking through. Now you know it’s a roof leak. The roofer performs their inspection and informs you that some flashing seems to have failed some time ago. There has been a roof leak for months or even years that’s done damage to the roof deck, insulation and now drywall. You’ll need significant roof repair and someone to replace the drywall and paint inside the home.

Scenario 2 – Regular Roofing Inspections

Every year you have your trusted roofer inspect your roof. This year they call you and alert you to some loose flashing that needs attention. You give them the go ahead for this minor maintenance issue. Your tenant never even knows that anything was amiss.

Guess which one of these scenarios will cost you more? Obviously, the first one. The goal of a regular roofing inspection is to avoid big issues thus reducing lifetime repair costs, even when you factor in the cost of the roofing inspection. An added benefit, your roof will last longer than an uninspected and therefore unmaintained roof.

Russ Noyes Roofing has the best solution for regular roofing inspections. Our Overhead Care Club is an annual fixed price inspection and maintenance program. You can budget it into your tenant’s rent and keep the roof functioning well for years to come. Call us at 407-388-7700 for your roofing inspection and to learn more about the Overhead Care Club.

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