Reasons to Choose Tile Roofing for Your Roof Replacement

Reasons to Choose Tile Roofing for Your Roof Replacement

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If it’s time for a roof replacement, you might be wondering about tile as an option for your new roof. You may be wondering if the price difference between asphalt and tile is really worth it. Tile roofing has more benefits than you may be aware of. If you’re on the fence about the right roofing material, here are a few reasons that tile should be on your list of roofing materials you need to consider.


Tile roofing provides excellent insulation both against the hot sun and sound. Tile is more insulative than most other roofing materials. This can make your home more energy efficient and cut down on utility bills. If you’re near the airport or one of the theme parks that set off fireworks every night, you might be looking for sound insulation. Cement tile roofing especially is great at reducing outside noise in your home.


Tile roofing lasts longer than just any other roofing material. Although some of the tile you may have seen in historical regions is hundreds or even thousands of years old, most of today’s tile roofs are meant to last about 50 years. Concrete and clay tile are both excellent options depending on what you’re looking for as far as style and color.

Less Maintenance

If you’re looking for a roofing material that doesn’t require a high level of maintenance, tile should be on your list. As long as you keep your tiles clean and your roofer installs them properly, they shouldn’t need much other in the way of maintenance for years to come. Have your roofer inspect your roof periodically to seal flashing and vents to prevent leaks there.


If you’re looking for a flat style roof, concrete tile roofing has options. If you want barrel or s-style, clay tile is available. Although clay tile are limited in their color because they’re clay, concrete tiles come in countless options from dark solids to color blends to light solids. Just about whatever you’re looking for in a roof color, you’ll find it in tile.

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