How a Professional Roofing Company Works – Part 1

How a Professional Roofing Company Works – Part 1

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professional roofing company giving an estimateThere are many misconceptions about how contractors, especially roofing contractors, work. From the time you call a roofing company to the time they finish working on your home, a lot of things should happen. From planning to execution, there are steps that every roofing company should take to help ensure you have the best experience. Not every roofer will do all these steps or in exactly this order, but for the most part, this is how a professional roofing company works.

First Inspection

When you call a roofing company to come and look at your roof for a roof replacement, they’ll ask many questions and answer yours. During the initial meeting they’ll likely use the term “squares” or “roofing squares.” That’s the measurement that determines the size of your roof. A good roofing company works with more than one manufacturer to best meet the needs of their customer base. They will likely make recommendations based on your home’s style and what type of roof you’d like.


Good roofing companies provide a written proposal. The proposal should clearly state the brand, color, and style roofing material you’ve chosen. It should also include the other work they’re doing. If their proposal includes removing and disposing of the old roofing material, that should be stated. Some less honest companies may charge you the disposal fee for the tear off of your old roof after they’ve taken it to the dump, make sure that is included in the price.


If the roofing company you’re thinking about hiring doesn’t provide you with a written contract that spells out the same information that was in the proposal, don’t give them any money. Contracts protect both you and the business to help ensure everyone has the same understanding of the scope of work. The contract should also include details about their workmanship warranty and your materials warranty or information as to where to find it.

Material Delivery

At some point your roofing company should call you and let you know the have your materials and ask about delivery. Most companies like to have the materials on site before they arrive to do the work. They will ask where they can place their supplies and often schedule a start date.

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