Picking the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Picking the Right Roof Color for Your Home

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roof color choices Although tan and grey remain common roof colors, new technology is changing what is popular. Gone are the days when a roof was one consistent color. The right color for your roof replacement can boost the curb appeal of your home. Whether you’re looking for metal roofing, asphalt shingles, or tile roofing, your choice is one you’ll likely be living with as long as you own the home. Here are some suggestions of where to start in picking the right roof color for your home.

HOA Regulations

The first place to start is with your homeowners association regulations. If you’re only allowed certain color roofing, know that before you begin investigating options. Most associations today allow for a wide scope of roofing colors or simply require approval before installing new roofing.

The Hot and Sunny Orlando Climate

It’s something that should be considered when you’re looking at a new roof. Chances are good that your builder used a relatively inexpensive common shingle color and style. If you’re concerned about your cooling bills in the summer, you may want to consider a light color roof. Light color roofs can lower the attic temperature by up to 20 degrees over black and other dark colored roofs. Cool roofing products can lower energy usage even more.

Your Home’s Style and Color

Many homes in Orlando are stucco and homeowners have the option of painting them a variety of colors. Never try to perfectly match the exterior of your home with the roof color. If your exterior  is painted a neutral tone, consider shingles with a pop of color that compliments and adds dimension to the home. If it’s a bright color, consider something neutral to keep the focus on the home’s facade.

Style is also worth considering. There are many different style homes in Orlando from Mediterranean to Victorian. Choosing a roof color that works with the style home is important. By doing this your home will be cohesive and curb appeal will be enhanced.

Consider Color Blends

Asphalt shingles and tile roofing both have lovely color blend options. These color blend roofing options range from neutral shades of tans and greys to more vibrant options with purples, oranges, and reds. Depending upon your home’s exterior, these color blends may add just the right pop to your roofing. Color blends are among the most popular roofing types today.

View the Options in Different Light

Different times of day and different light make roofing colors seem different. Be sure to look at an actual sample of the shingle you are considering in direct sunlight and in the shade. Never trust your eyes to choosing a color from inside your home.

Choosing the right color roofing for your home ultimately is a matter of personal taste and neighborhood regulations. If you’d like some input from a trusted Orlando roofer, Russ Noyes Roofing Inc is happy to provide you with their opinion of which roofing color and style would best suit your home, neighborhood, and budget. Call us today for your no obligation consultation – 407-388-7700.

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