Proper Roof Ventilation Makes a Difference

Proper Roof Ventilation Makes a Difference


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If your air conditioning bills are too high and you’ve done everything else to help your home’s energy efficiency, the problem may be with your roof’s ventilation. Not only does it play a part in your home’s comfort, but also in how long your roof will last. As a leading Orlando roofer, we’ve seen many homes whose ventilation are negatively impacting their roof and home. This is true for both recent roof replacements and older roofs.


If moisture in your attic is a problem, you may not have proper air flow. Proper air flow starts with your soffits. Sometimes homeowners mistakenly cover their soffit vents when they replace or add to their attic insulation. Soffits are around the outside of your attic. Your Orlando roofer can help you understand your home’s insulation needs and if you, a roofing company or someone else has mistakenly blocked your soffits.

Ridge or Box Vents

Your soffits are the intake portion of your ventilation. Your ridge or box vents allow the hot air to escape from the attic. A good Orlando roofer will measure your attic and make sure you have the right amount of ventilation. If not, they can add what you need. Be sure to use a roofer for this work as a handyman may not seal the roof and then you’ll end up with a roof leak.

What About Adding Solar or Electric Ventilation?

If you have the right ventilation based on your attic space, adding a solar or electric ventilation won’t make much of a difference. In fact, if you have too much exhaust venting (which is what solar and electric ventilation) you could potentially do more harm than good. You want your attic ventilation to work as it was designed. Adding a new vent may interfere with the ventilation you have and how it should work. Before you allow someone who isn’t a roofing company to install additional ventilation, call your trusted Orlando roofer. They can tell you if another vent will benefit your roofing system or not.

Russ Noyes Roofing has the experience to determine if your roof has proper ventilation. The right ventilation will help your roof last longer and your home be cooler. We offer many services, one of which is evaluating your entire roofing system in a total roofing inspection. As a HAAG certified residential roofing inspector, we have more training and experience in roofing than most Orlando roofers. Call us today at 407-388-7700 to discuss your roofing concerns and we’ll schedule an appointment. You can also complete our contact form and we’ll call you to set the appointment.


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