New Year, New Office

New Year, New Office

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Winter Springs Roofng Company TrucksWe’re excited to have finally moved into our new office. Although we officially arrived in December of last year, it’s taken a little while to settle in. Our signage is on the way but as you can see from our trucks, this is the outside of our facility. The move keeps us in the same area but oddly enough, we’re in the a new town. We’re now a Winter Springs roofing company rather than a Longwood roofer. Of course we’re still licensed in Florida, insured, and serve Orange and Seminole Counties.

Why We Moved

You’ll find that many roofing companies in the area don’t even have offices. They work from their garage or their truck. Many years ago we made the commitment to have a warehouse and office staff to best serve our customers. When you call Russ Noyes Roofing with a question or issue, one of our customer service staff members will promptly take your call, schedule an appointment, or otherwise work to address your issue. The primary reason we moved was for better space for our growing staff. This picture shows our new customer service and accounting area.

We also want to have some of the more common products in stock. You’ll notice that we have a selection of tile roofing and some asphalt shingles that are among the most popular. We don’t stock everything but some of the brands and colors that many homeowners associations require are in our warehouse to help facilitate a quick roof replacement. Admittedly there’s still a lot of organization that needs to happen but we’re getting there!

Lastly, as a company who really believes in roof repair and roofing maintenance, we know the importance of having small quantities of older products available. When we do a roof repair, we do what we can to match as closely as possible your current roof. Because time and the elements change the color of your roof, often the match isn’t exact.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

New Winter Springs Office
Our little one showing off our new business cards.

Our office and warehouse support our customers. If you’re already a Russ Noyes Roofing customer, you’ve probably experienced the professionalism and prompt responses our teams provide. While some roofers look at having an office as an expense, we look at it as a necessity. We hope when you need a roofing contractor you’ll call Russ Noyes Roofing and see the difference between a professional roofing company and a guy with a truck and a roofing license. Call for a no obligation inspection and estimate for all your roofing needs – 407-388-0077.


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