The Value of Knowing a Roofing Company Before the Storm

The Value of Knowing a Roofing Company Before the Storm

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storm damage repair
Wind damage from thunderstorm. June 2016

So far we’ve been relatively unscathed by hurricanes and hail storms again this year. That means you likely haven’t had to call a roofing company for storm damage repair. If you have to make a call immediately following a disaster, it can be stressful knowing which roofing company to choose. Establishing a relationship with a roofer prior to a storm or other disaster benefits you in three primary ways.

  1. A regular inspection helps support your claim should the insurance company decline all or part of it.
  2. Knowing a roofer before it is an emergency allows you time to check references, licensing, and insurance.
  3. Less stress and pressure at a difficult time.

Insurance Claims

When there is any type of disaster and you need to file an insurance claim, and you may need to present evidence that your roof was maintained prior to the storm. Insurance companies are greedy and will do all they can to pay the least on your claim at any time. When you and your trusted roofing company present evidence of ongoing inspections and maintenance, your claim becomes much stronger. Additionally if you have a trusted roofer you already work with, you are less likely to use the one recommended by the insurance company which they send to you because they are cheaper. You don’t want less than the best for your roof repairs.

References and Licenses

There is little doubt that the insurance company’s roofer is licensed, but what is their reputation in the area? Can they provide you with references so you can actually see the work they have done? When you look for a roofing company for a routine inspection you have time to ask your neighbors for references and look online at the reviews of the company. You can also take the time to call and check that their insurance is current and meets the state’s requirements. Florida also provides a way to search any contractor to make sure they are licensed. Here is the link.

Less Stress and Pressure

If your home and family have experienced a disaster like a hurricane or fire, you have already experienced a great deal of stress. You likely don’t want to add to it by having to research a reputable roofing company or find out if their licensing and insurance are up to date. What you really want is to get your roof repaired or replaced and move on with your life. By having a roofer you already know and trust, you will remove one level of stress from the process.

Take the time now to do some research on roofing contractors in Orlando. Find one that you feel comfortable with and if you haven’t had a roofing inspection in the past year, schedule one. It’s a great way to start a relationship with a roofer and to get a feel for the way they work and the people they employ. We’re always happy to provide you with an inspection and share with you the benefits of being a Russ Noyes Roofing customer. Give us a call and schedule yours today – 407-388-7700.

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