Issues with Your Insurance Claim Roof Replacement?

Issues with Your Insurance Claim Roof Replacement?

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Now that most of the roofs that sustained damage from the storms have been replaced, we’re starting to get calls from customers experiencing roof leaks in their new roofs even after an insurance claim roof replacement. Sadly, this isn’t at all uncommon and there are a few reasons why this happens. If you’re experiencing a roof leak or you’ve noticed that your shingles have shifted, you need to take care of it right away. Here are some of the issues we’ve been dealing with for customers who experienced a bad roof replacement.

Roofer is Nowhere to be Found

In the aftermath of storms, roofers pop up and once the storm is gone, they disappear. If you can’t find the roofer who installed your insurance claim roof replacement, you need to call a local and experienced roofer to fix the issue. Sadly, you have little recourse as the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover installation issues and if you can’t find the roofer to honor their installation guarantee, you’re stuck paying out of pocket.

I Used the Roofer my Insurance Company Recommended

If you used the insurance company your adjustor or insurance carrier recommended, you have some recourse. Contact your insurance company and let them know the issues you’re experiencing with your insurance claim roof replacement and that you want to bring in a different roofer to assess the problem and propose a solution. If they give you pushback, remind them that you used their roofing company and they are ultimately responsible for the state of your home’s restoration.

You Have a Manufacturer’s Warranty Issue but the Manufacturer Declined the Claim

Sadly, a manufacturer’s warranty only covers the roof when it’s properly installed. When roofers without significant experience install a roof, they don’t always do it right. When they know they’re not going to be around to service the insurance claim roof replacement issues, they may not care to do it right. And, sometimes less than ethical ones take shortcuts when it comes to installation, cutting corners either by not using manufacturer recommended products or not meeting proper installation guidelines.

If you’ve realized that you have an issue with your insurance claim roof replacement and your roofer isn’t standing behind their work or you’re hesitant to contact them again, call Russ Noyes Roofing. We’re HAAG certified roofing inspectors which means we have a higher level of training than other roofers. Our long history in the area and thousands of satisfied customers speaks to our dedication to being the best Orlando roofing company. Call us today at 407-388-7700 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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