Solving Issues with Recent Roof Installations

Solving Issues with Recent Roof Installations

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Sadly, many homeowners who received a new roof installation from one of the many storms in the past few years are already having issues. Sometimes the issue comes from a simple mistake. Installation mistakes shouldn’t happen. We know that at some point, everyone does make a mistake. Depending on the severity of the mistake, it might be quick fix. If it requires a total tear off and replacement, you may be wondering what you, as a homeowner, can do, especially if the roofer who handled the new roof installation isn’t standing behind the work they did.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you used the roofer they recommended, they are partially liable. They should have vetted the roofer for quality work and stability. Sometimes you have to go beyond your local agent to the claim level. Invite them to send their adjustor. If that doesn’t solve the problem or you don’t like the answer you receive, you should contact an roofing consultant for an independent evaluation.

If you’ve tried calling the insurance company directly and they still won’t help and the roofer has already declined responsibility or is no longer in business, the matter will be more complicated. At this point you may need the assistance of an attorney who may contact a roofing consultant.

What is a Roofing Consultant?

A roofing consultant is not a roofer, however, they have much of the same training and knowledge, but a different goal. A certified roofing consultant will also have a Registered Roofing Consultant® certification. This shows they have completed the necessary training for roof consulting.  Not only can they provide your insurance company or the roofer who did the initial work with an independent evaluation, but if you end up in a court case needing an expert witness, they can help.

Why Can’t I Just Call Another Roofer?

Although another roofer may be honest and provide you with the information you need, they may not be trusted by the company who originally performed your new roof installation. They may believe that the roofer you’ve hired is just in it for the money and have inflated the issues they see.

If you’ve settled with your insurance company or have received compensation from the roofer who originally performed your new roof installation, call Russ Noyes Roofing at 407-388-7700. We guarantee our work and have been a trusted roofer in Orlando for over a decade. We will also provide a no obligation roofing inspection if you’re not ready to call a roofing consultant. If you are, however, looking for a roofing consultant, we recommend CGR Consulting Inc.  

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