It’s Time to Inspect Your Gutters to Prevent Roof Damage

It’s Time to Inspect Your Gutters to Prevent Roof Damage

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cleaning your guttersOur pollen season is just about finished and the rainy season hasn’t yet started. That’s why now is the best time to inspect your gutters. Your gutters serve an important function in that they keep your home safe and dry. Ideally you should inspect your gutters twice a year and after any major storms.

Why Now?

During our pollen season, many of the area trees shed leaves, seed pods, and other debris that ends up in our gutters. Depending on the trees in your yard and their proximity to your gutters, there is likely accumulation in your gutters. Cleaning them before you end up with a clog in a downspout or overflowing gutters, can prevent roof damage, water in your home, and other damage to your property.

Why is it Important?

Gutter cleaning is as important as many other types of semi-annual maintenance. The purpose of your gutters is to help move rainwater away from your foundation. When your gutters clog to overflowing, the water runs over the gutters and can cause roof damage to your shingles, roof deck, and fascia. It can also harm your siding, foundation, and windows.

What Should I Look For?

Of course, making sure the gutters are cleaned out is obvious but there’s more to inspecting your gutters than just making sure they’re clean. You also want to make sure they’re properly affixed to the house. Heavy rain, winds, and the weight of water in a clogged gutter can cause them to pull away from the home. Lastly, check the joints, the areas that the section of the gutters attach to each other and the gutters attached to the downspouts. Lastly make sure the end of your gutters are flowing well away from the home. If you have seamless gutters, you have much less to check.

If you don’t like cleaning gutters consider working with a roofing company like Russ Noyes Roofing who offers the Overhead Care Club which includes gutter cleaning twice a year and roofing inspections. You won’t have to clean your gutters again and Russ Noyes will make sure your gutters are properly affixed to your home during their roofing inspection. Call 407-388-7700 today to learn more about the Overhead Care Club.

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