How Your Roof Impacts Your Business

How Your Roof Impacts Your Business

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Commercial roofing varies more than residential roofing. It also plays a much bigger role. Not only does it protect the people and things in the building, but when visible, it’s part of your potential customer’s first impression. If you have customers in your business, a secure, good looking roof should be important to you. Here are some reasons you should want to work with a commercial roofer to keep yours looking great and functioning.

Curb Appeal Matters

Would you want to shop in a business that looks like the roof is going to fall in? Probably not. You likely keep your windows clean, door painted and an attractive entrance and when your roof shows from the street or parking lot, you should want it to look its best as well. Keeping it debris free and your gutters clean make a difference to those driving by who might stop.

Employee Efficiency May Be Impacted

You spend the money on a firewall and virus protection for your computers so you don’t have to worry about a computer issue keeping your staff from being productive, but what about a roof leak? A roof leak can destroy equipment and disrupt daily work. When you have a commercial roofer inspect your roof every six months, they’ll do what they can to prevent a big issue by regular repairs.

Roof Leaks Can Destroy Inventory

If you sell other people’s goods and end up with a big roof leak one night, you may have to pay for those items without the sale. Businesses that depend on selling inventory to survive may also take a big loss if they don’t keep a well-maintained roof.

Safety and Security

The weather has become increasingly unpredictable. Straight-line winds, hail and even the occasional tornado have been known to happen in Orlando. If this happens when you have employees or staff in your building, you want them safe. A secure roof that’s well-maintained is key to the safety and security of your staff, customers, vendors and property within.

Russ Noyes Roofing is an Orlando commercial roofer who can help with all types of commercial roofing from flat roofing to asphalt shingles, metal and tile roofing. If you know you need a new roof, we can advise you on the best option for your budget and needs. Call us today at 407-388-7700 or fill out our contact form.

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