Home Inspections Aren’t Roofing Inspections

Home Inspections Aren’t Roofing Inspections

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Roofing inspection by a licensed roofing contractorWhen most people consider purchasing a home they make an offer, put down their earnest money on the contingency that the home inspection comes through without any major issues. One mistake many prospective homeowners make is that a home inspection is not a roofing inspection. A home inspector may comment that the roofing appears in good shape or that it is well maintained, but they do not check for roof leaks or evaluate the remaining life of a roof. A home inspector isn’t a licensed roofing contractor so they can’t fully comment on the status of the roof.

Why You May Want to Consider a Roofing Inspection Prior to Your Home Purchase

Not every home needs a roofing inspection prior to purchase. For example, if the current homeowner can share with you their roof maintenance records or a receipt of a recent roof replacement, you likely are buying a home with a sound and well-maintained roof. Here are some reasons you may want to consider a roofing inspection in addition to your home inspection.

  • During the recent storm damage in the area, many homes suffered wind damage and subsequently have roof leaks. If the home you’re considering purchasing never had an inspection post Irma, you should have an independent roofing inspection performed.
  • When you look in the attic, look at the insulation. If it appears to have been wet at any time, there may be a roof leak. Before purchasing the home, you should want to know the extent of the leak and an estimate for repair.
  • If the home and roof are more than five years old and there has never been a roofing inspection, a licensed roofing contractor should inspect the roof. At about five years is when issues begin to develop with roofing.
  • Should the home inspector question the soundness of the roof, you should contact a licensed roofing contractor. In Florida, only a licensed roofer can provide an accurate roof repair or roof replacement estimate and negotiate with the homeowner.

Consider the Overhead Care Club

The Overhead Care Club is annual roofing maintenance from Russ Noyes Roofing. When you have the Overhead Care Club for your home’s roof, you’re letting prospective buyers know that you understand the importance of roofing maintenance. You can also provide them with written proof that a roofing inspection happened once or twice a year depending upon your membership level. This provides comfort to the home buyer.

If you’re buying a home, just like a home inspection, a roofing inspection is something that the professional roofing contractor will charge you for. It may be hard to consider paying someone for another inspection, but it could save your thousands if the roofing turns out to have major problems. Russ Noyes Roofing performs roofing inspections for prospective home buyers and sellers. We, as a licensed Orlando roofer, can perform any necessary repairs and we guarantee our work even. Call Russ Noyes Roofing today to schedule your no obligation roofing inspection at 407-388-7700.

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