Has Your HOA Notified You About the State of Your Roofing?

Has Your HOA Notified You About the State of Your Roofing?

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HOA Violation Orlando Roofing CompanyEvery so often your management company heads out into the neighborhood and sends violation notices. If you receive a letter that tells you that your roofing violates the HOA code, you may be able to fix the issue yourself or you may need to call an Orlando roofing company.

DIY Fixes

One of the most common violations regarding roofing is a dirty roof. There are a few different types of dirty roof violations – dirt or debris on the roof, overflowing gutters, and stained or streaking roof. For the most part, these violations can be easily fixed.

If your roof has accumulated leaves and other debris, you can use a blower to remove the items. Make sure to clean your gutters after you blow as it’s likely that leaves and needles will end up in the gutter after blowing. If a blower doesn’t remove the items, use a garden hose but take care not to use too much water pressure as you could end up doing damage by removing granules in the shingles if your spray is too hard. When you walk on your shingles, do so carefully and take proper safety precautions. If you have a tile roof, contact your Orlando roofing company to handle this as you should never walk on a tile roof.

Staining or streaking can often be cleaned by using a garden sprayer with a mixtures of equal parts water and bleach. Keep in mind that the bleach can harm your plants as it runs off the roof. It can be beneficial to water the garden and any plants below before working on the roof and to rinse the plants after you treat the roof. Most roof staining is algae and should be killed with this treatment. You may need to rinse the roofing surface again a few days later.

Violations that Require an Orlando Roofing Company

If your violation states broken or missing tile or shingles, you likely need an Orlando roofing company to provide roof repairs. If your roof has missing shingles, you may also have a roof leak. Only a complete inspection by a licensed roofing contractor can determine the extent of the damage.

Occasionally an HOA determines that your roof needs replacement due to the age and state of your roof. If this is your situation, you should contact a licensed roofer to inspect the roof and give you a professional opinion. The person who drove around citing the violations likely knows little about roofing and may or may not be correct.

Russ Noyes Roofing works with many HOAs throughout the Orlando area. We can help you if you are faced with a violation notice. If you do need a roof replacement, we will provide you with the proper information required to get the new roof approved in a timely manner. No matter what violation you’re facing, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a professional no obligation inspection. We can be reached at 407-388-0077.

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