Can a Handyman Repair or Replace my Roof?

Can a Handyman Repair or Replace my Roof?

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As far as roof replacement goes, a handyman service cannot replace your roof. When it comes to roof repair, it’s not that easy a question to answer. If your reason for a roof repair in Orlando is clogged gutters and what you really need is a gutter cleaning and them re-attached, then yes, a handyman is probably a good, and likely, your cheapest option. However, if you really need roof repair, you should call a licensed Orlando roofing company for a few different reasons.

licensed and insured orlando roofing companyOrlando Roofing Company License 

In the state of Florida, you must possess a valid roofing contractor license in order to perform roof repair (and, of course, roof replacement). A handyman can’t claim they can perform roof work unless they are licensed either in the municipality or the state. If the work requires a permit, only a licensed roofer can pull that permit. If your handyman doesn’t pull one and it is required, your municipality can fine you. The reason for permitting is to protect the homeowner. The county or city inspects the work to ensure it is done properly. Part of the Florida roofing licensing requirements is workman’s compensation and liability insurance. A handyman who doesn’t carry those could leave you with a huge bill should someone become injured on the job on your property. Some handyman services do carry insurance and you should only hire those who do when a handyman is the right person for the job.


In order to become a licensed Orlando roofing contractor, you have to pass a state licensing exam. That means that you have to become educated in the trade. Without proper training, your roof repair may not be done properly. Improper work can end up costing you thousands if the work isn’t properly performed. Many manufacturers don’t honor warranties of products installed by unlicensed contractors. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars only to find that you have no warranty. Even when you hire a licensed roofing contractor, make sure they are certified or trained on the brand you are looking to have installed for your roof replacement.


When you hire a roofing contractor, they have the right equipment for the installation. They also have the proper supplies needed for things like installing your flashing, underlayment, and other finishing elements. Not only do they have the proper equipment but they know how to use it correctly in different situations regarding roof replacement and roof repair. A handyman may have a nail gun but do they know the right pressure to prevent a blow through on your new shingles?

In short, be very careful when hiring a handyman to perform tasks that should be done by a licensed roofing contractor in Orlando. Not only could you end up with poorly performed work but also fines from your municipality. Russ Noyes Roofing is a licensed roofer in the state of Florida. Call us today for any roof repair or roof replacement needs – 407-388-7700.

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