The Benefits of Using a HAAG Certified Inspector

The Benefits of Using a HAAG Certified Inspector

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The Orlando area receives its share of storm damage claims and a HAAG Certified Inspector has the most complete storm damage inspection training in the industry. When you choose a roofing contractor who is HAAG Certified, you lower the chances that your insurance company will dispute the findings because they know that in order to qualify as a HAAG Inspector, the roofer has been trained in how to apply forensic engineering to your roof damage. In the most basic terms, a HAAG Inspector has the training to identify actual storm damage and detect damage made by someone attempting to commit fraud.

Why We Chose this Training

As a roofer with decades of experience, we are confident in our abilities to inspect a roof, so why would we spend money and time to attend training? Not only does this certification speak volumes within the insurance claims industry but we are always striving to be better at what we do.

We covered many different aspects of roof inspections during our training. Some of the most valuable were those that used scientifically-based techniques to evaluate residential roofing damage. As roofing materials and manufacturing processes changed over the past few decades, so have ways to evaluate everything from weathering factors to installation errors when it comes to roof deterioration. The instructors at HAAG who teach the classes are all residential and commercial forensic engineers with knowledge far beyond that of any roofer’s. Their teachings of inspection techniques and how wind and hail impact roofing came from a different perspective than that of the manufacturers’ training. Of course, the reminders of proper safety techniques during inspections are always beneficial.

How Our Training Benefits You

All insurance companies in Orlando and throughout Florida recognize HAAG Certification. When you submit a roofing inspection performed by a HAAG Certified Roofer (HCI-R) your insurance company knows an Orlando roofing expert completed your inspection. You know that everything from cosmetic surface damage to structural issues were identified and included as part of your insurance claim. Because the training spends a significant amount of time teaching when a roof repair is the proper approach and when a roof replacement is better, you can be assured that our recommendation means something to your insurance company. You can confirm our certifications here.

If your home suffers storm damage from a hurricane or a hailstorm, let the HAAG Certified Inspectors at Russ Noyes Roofing perform your inspection. Give us a call or fill out our easy to use contact form and we’ll schedule a roofing inspection with one of our HAAG Certified Inspectors today – 407-388-7700.

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