Five Signs You Have a Roof Leak

Five Signs You Have a Roof Leak

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5 Signs You Have a Leak

 Whether they’re the result of acute storm damage in Orlando or simply years of wear and tear, leaks can wreak havoc on roofing. Sometimes leaks present themselves in obvious ways, like when water is constantly dripping from the ceiling. Other times, however, leaks aren’t as easy to diagnose. Here are five signs you may have leak.

 1. Discoloration on Walls and Ceiling

A little fading on you interior paint is common over the years, but discoloration is unusual. You may have a leak if you notice yellowing other watermarks on your walls and ceiling. The best way to determine if it is in fact a leak is to schedule an inspection with your Orlando roof repair experts.

2. Bubbling Paint or Wallpaper

 A leak can also affect your paint or wallpaper in other ways. Sometimes it can look like bubbling, which is the result of water pooling inside your interior. Call your local roofers if the bubble continues to expand.

 3. Rot on Siding

 Another way water can get into your home is through the siding. This usually occurs when existing moisture has been permitted to sit and ultimately finds its way into your home. Look for water damage on siding like mold, rot, and loose pieces as indicators you may have a leak.

 4. Warping or Curling Shingles

 Roof inspections in Orlando are the best method for diagnosing leaks, because the experts will be able to tell an old shingle from a damaged one. Leaks can look like many different things on shingles, including:

  • Breaking
  • Curling
  • Missing chunks
  • Rusty flashing
  • Warping

If the leak is bad enough, it can also work its way down to your underlayment and into your attic.

 5. Cold Indoor Temperature

 If you appear to be fighting a never-ending battle with your thermostat, it may be the result of intruding moisture. Lingering water can keep your home cool even when the heat is on, so schedule a roof inspection with your contractor to avoid extra utilities costs.

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