Facts About the Cost of Your New Roof

Facts About the Cost of Your New Roof

Roof replacement estimate

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There are many elements that go into the cost of a new roof. If you’ve gone to your local home improvement store and priced up shingles, underlayment and nails, you’re missing many of the elements that go into the cost of your roof replacement in addition to the labor. If you’re having a hard time reconciling your roof replacement quote against the cost of materials, here’s what you may be missing.

Roofing Contractors Costs

Being a roofing contractor includes many costs in addition to labor. First, it costs money to become a roofing contractor. The contractor must be educated, both initially and with continual training, and then take and pass a state licensing exam. All of which have associated fees. Then there’s the cost of insurance, you should never consider a roofer without both liability and workman’s compensation insurance for your protection.

Roof Replacement Permitting Fees

It takes time to get a permit for your new roof. It’s not just a simple form that asks for an address and who will be installing it. In fact, the details of a roofing permit include everything down to the brand of shingles and underlayment being used in the roof replacement.


Many people understand when you install a new floor that you’re going to need more than the exact number of square feet of flooring materials to account for cuts and angles. The same goes for your shingles. They come in strips and not every roof is the exact length of a strip and if you want your roof to look good, you need overage.

Additional Materials

Sure, you may have priced some of the materials but did you include flashing? What about sealant for the flashing? Is your roof deck in good condition or do you need some of it replaced? Did you look at starter strips and ridge caps? Do you need new exhaust vents? These are all elements of your roof replacement that your roofing contractor included in their quote.


How are you going to get rid of your old roof? Your roofing contractor either has disposal vehicles or rents a dumpster for each project. If they use their vehicles, they pay the charges at the dump. Shingles are very heavy and costs for disposal can add up quickly.

Russ Noyes Roofing is a licensed and insured roofing contractor. If you’re looking for a roof replacement installed properly with all the necessary materials and fees included in the original quote, call us. We never tack on disposal fees or permitting fees after the job is complete. The quote we provide is your final cost. Call us today for your roof replacement estimate – 407-388-7700.

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