Dry Rot Roof Repair

Dry Rot Roof Repair

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dry rot and termite roof damageThere are many causes of roof damage and decay. One of the most surprising for local homeowners is hearing they need dry rot roof repair. Whether you call us for a one time inspection or your annual inspection with our Overhead Care Club, we will inspect all parts of your roofing system. All too often when we perform an initial roofing inspection to a home, we find dry rot already present.

What is Dry Rot

With all the moisture here in Orlando, many homeowners are surprised to learn that they have dry rot. Unfortunately, dry rot comes from a fungus that requires moisture to survive, making our roofs a prime candidate for this issue. Most often, the cause is either a poorly installed roof or roofing damage left unrepaired for some time. The fungus responsible for dry rot breaks down the wood, making it soft or brittle, compromising your roof’s integrity. One way to see if the damage you have is dry rot is to apply a screwdriver to the wood. If you can penetrate the wood or if wood starts flaking, you likely have dry rot.

Dry rot roof repair is a matter of finding the source of the leak and repairing it and replacing any affected wood. Sometimes that entails removing whole sections of your roof to replace the roof deck and sometimes support beams. The fungus can spread throughout your entire roofing system if the problem isn’t discovered and promptly repaired.

Preventing Dry Rot

One of the ways to prevent this issue is to make sure your attic is properly ventilated. When the moisture and humidity can’t escape your attic, it collects there making it easier for the fungus to grow. Another preventative measure involves regular roofing inspections. When your roof is inspected at least once a year, any small issue can be repaired before it causes much damage or allows water into your home. When Russ Noyes Roofing performs a roofing inspection, in addition to inspecting the roof itself, we check that your gutters are draining well, that the flashing is properly sealed, and that there are no issues in your attic with ventilation.

If you suspect you need dry rot roof repair, contact Russ Noyes Roofing. We will perform a complete roofing inspection and advise you of the issues we found and likely causes. You can trust Russ to perform any roof repair you need promptly and professionally. Our repairs are not only guaranteed but you can also take advantage of our roofing rewards program and apply a portion of the cost of your repairs to a roof replacement in the future. Call us today for your inspection – 407-388-0077.

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