Do You Know the Signs You Need Roof Repair?

Do You Know the Signs You Need Roof Repair?

uneven shingles

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Sure, you may notice a strip of missing shingles and immediately realize you need to call a roof repair company, but do you know the other signs of roof damage? There are many that homeowners overlook as normal when they may actually be your roof telling you to call your roofer! Here are some things to look for as you perform your regular walk around your home checking on its condition.

Wavy Looking Roof

If your shingles look anything other than completely flat against your roof deck, chances are you have an issue. Sometimes the wavy look of the shingles is due to improper installation while other times it’s a sign of water damage. Either way, you should call your roof repair company for an inspection.

Crooked Shingles

Your shingles should be even and straight across your roof. If they’re not, you have an issue. Again, the most common reason is improper affixation meaning either your roofer didn’t use the right number of nails in the shingle strip, had their nail gun pressure set too high which caused the nail to blow through the shingle, or you’ve sustained wind damage. As the shingle continues to slide down your roof because gravity is at work, it provides a place for water to get into your home and damages the shingles beneath it as it slides its way down your roof.

Bubbling or Peeling Paint

If you notice paint bubbling or peeling inside your home, you may have a roof leak. Many homeowners know when they see dark brown spots on their ceiling to call their roof repair company, but not everyone realizes that bubbling and peeling paint can signal water damage too. Be careful before you pop the “bubble” as it may be filled with water depending on the type of paint you have.  

Higher Energy Bill

Of course, when it’s warmer or cooler than usual we expect our energy bills to go up. However, if you haven’t changed your thermostat setting and your HVAC system is in good working order, one reason for higher energy bills can be damaged insulation. When you have a roof leak that goes undetected, your insulation often gets wet. Wet insulation can’t do its job and you end up with heat from the attic getting into your home or heat in your home more quickly escaping into your attic. Go up and take a look around and if your insulation seems compressed, chances are good it’s gotten wet from a roof leak.

Russ Noyes Roofing prides itself on proper roof installations and will let you know if your previous roofing company didn’t do something right in their installation. Of course, in the case where you have a roof leak due to an aging roof, we’re here to help as your Orlando roof repair company. Call us today at 407-388-7700 for your no obligation roofing inspection and repair estimate.

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