DIY Roofing May Cost More Than You Think

DIY Roofing May Cost More Than You Think

DIY Roof

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There are jobs around your home that you can do yourself like re-caulking windows. Others, like roofing, should be left to the professionals. Your roof protects your home, belongings and most importantly, your family. Here are some of the ways attempting a roof replacement yourself may cost you more than you initially thought it would.


If you’re set on doing the roof replacement yourself, you need the right equipment or you risk serious injury. Just a few of the tools you need include ladder(s), roof jacks, safety harnesses, work gloves, safety glasses, a nail gun and compressor, and rubber soled shoes. You may end up spending $1000 or more on these necessary tools to avoid injury and get the job done.

Unexpected Expenses

It’s easy to look at a roof replacement estimate and then see the cost of the same number of squares of shingles in a home improvement store and wonder why you have to pay so much more. You may be surprised when you really start putting the numbers together to do it yourself and how little the roofing company will really make off your job, especially when you take into account your time. In addition to time and the tools above, here are a few other expenses you may not have considered:

  • Rental dumpster for debris (or dump fees)
  • Underlayment
  • Nails
  • Wood to repair roof deck or other parts of the roof
  • Starter strips and venting

Doing it Wrong

Although a significant part of the roofer’s estimate are the materials, which you’ll purchase either way, some is the haul away of your old shingles and the installation of the new ones. You’re paying for their training, knowledge and experience. If you don’t install the shingles per the manufacturer’s recommendations, the manufacturer may not honor their warranty.


Did you know that even if you install the roof yourself, you have to obtain a permit with your locality? Some localities don’t allow self-installations and others make you sign a waiver. If you don’t pull the permit, you’ll eventually end up paying a fine for skipping the permit.


What happens if you fall off your roof? How about the dangers of using a nail gun? If you’re not completely comfortable with climbing at heights, you shouldn’t attempt a DIY roof replacement.

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