Different Types of Roofing Contractors in Orlando

Different Types of Roofing Contractors in Orlando

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roofing contractors in orlando license types As you begin to research a company to hire to replace your roof, you may notice some roofing contractors in Orlando have a license beginning with a RC while others have a CCC. Although both are valid roofing contractor licenses, they mean different things. The RC is a registered roofing contractor while the CCC designation is a Certified Roofing Contractor.

Russ Noyes Roofing is a Certified Roofing Contractor

The state certification to become a Certified Roofing Contractor is a more involved process. It involves first obtaining the registered roofing contractor designation in the geographical area that a roofer is based (like the city of Orlando or Orange County). There is a competency exam required to prove the individual has the knowledge and experience necessary to safely and correctly install and maintain roofing.

Once a roofer acquires the registered roofing contractor designation, the next step some roofers choose to take is to become state certified. Russ Noyes chose this path because we know that the level of competency as a Certified Roofing Contractor is greater than that of a registered one. The process for obtaining this level of licensing includes a two-day exam administered by the Construction Industry Licensing Board. Beyond passing the exam, we also had to prove that our knowledge of the roofing industry was advanced beyond that required to be a registered roofing contractor.

Which is Better?

There are good and bad contractors with all types of licenses. We believe that having our CCC designation provides several benefits. First, it ensures you, the homeowner, that we are proficient in all areas of roofing and have completed the highest level of licensing in Florida. Second, it allows us to work anywhere in the state. Generally, we don’t work outside the City of Orlando, and Orange and Seminole Counties but if you are a local rental property owner, you can get to know and trust just one local roofer.

With the differences in licensing in roofing contractors in Orlando, remember that you should always check they have current workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Without those, you become liable for accidents on your property. Also your roofer should get a permit for the work they will be doing before they start. If they don’t, you can incur a fine. And lastly, check reviews and references. A good contractor has a track record in the area and can prove that they do good work by sharing past customers with you.

When it comes time to replace your roof or perform roof repair, you can count on Russ Noyes Roofing. Our licensing and insurance are always current and we go above and beyond the minimum required. We hold certification by the manufacturers we sell and install including our GAF Master Elite Certification, held by less than 3% of roofers nationally. Call today for your inspection and no obligation estimate 407-388-0077.

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