Did Your Roof Survive The Summer Storms?

Did Your Roof Survive The Summer Storms?

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Although hurricane season missed us again and the summer storm season has rapidly faded  in the distance, there’s no better time to inspect your roof for signs of damage and consider our Overhead Care Club. It’s the best solution for regular roof maintenance and discounted roof repair in Orlando. The longer storm damage in Orlando has the chance to sit on your roof, the more vulnerable your home will be to costly maintenance down the road. Here’s how to check your roof after storm and hurricane season to keep it lasting through many more.

Know the Signs of Damage

There are many things you can do without even getting on top on your roof to identify early signs of storm damage. For example, you can check for leaks by examining interior walls and ceilings. Look for staining, discoloration, and peeling paint, as these may all indicate a leak. You can also check gutters and downspouts to ensure they aren’t loose or rusting, which can both signal problems. If you feel comfortable getting on top of the roof, check your tiles or shingles for:

  • Broken pieces
  • Missing pieces
  • Curling
  • Rot

These are just some of the signs that your roof may have sustained storm damage, and also what make it vulnerable to more.

Evaluate the Severity

Even a seemingly small issue can create big problems on the right roof. Understanding your roof’s age, materials, and overall condition can help you evaluate the severity of storm damage. One missing shingle may not look like a big deal, for example, but it may signal extensive deterioration if your roof is approaching the end of its expected lifetime. Don’t wait until the next storm to find out!

Get the Opinion of a Trusted, Local Contractor

The best way to understand your roof’s condition following our summers of heavy storms is to get the professional opinion of your local contractor. There’s no better time to schedule roof inspections in Orlando, so book yours today and be sure to ask about our Overhead Care Club and make roofing worries a thing of the past.


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