The Dangers of Using Self-Labeled Roofing Materials

The Dangers of Using Self-Labeled Roofing Materials

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Unless you are an Orlando roofing contractor, you might not be familiar with all the different brands of roofing materials available out there, or the differences between them. Just like getting the highest quality clothing, finding the right roofing material for your Orlando roofing is a matter of working with the best brands. For that reason it’s always a good idea to ask your roofing contractor what brand they plan to use and find out if it’s a name brand known for quality or a “self-labeled” proprietary product that only they use.

The Benefits of Quality Roofing Materials

There is a long checklist of benefits that quality roofing materials can offer a homeowner, including:

  • Long-lasting durability and protection from weather and other hazards
  • Great warranty that protects against manufacturer’s defects
  • Aesthetic appeal to give you a beautiful roof for many years to come
  • The ability to pass building and fire codes
  • Prevent leaks and damage from everyday weather

The Dangers of Self-Labeled Products

Your roof is a huge financial investment, and not something that you should take lightly. Most homeowners today opt to get asphalt shingles installed, and while there are some really high quality asphalt shingle manufacturers in the U.S., there are also plenty of knock-off brands.

Some roofing contractors in Orlando will tell you that they use their own proprietary product, also known as a self-labeled product. They might tell you they do this to save you money or because they can manufacture it quickly, and while these sound like good things for a homeowner waiting on a new roof, they could actually come back to haunt you later. The biggest risk that you take with self-labeled products is that they rarely come with a warranty in case of any manufacturing defects. Other risks include low quality workmanship or an inability to meet building code or fire resistance requirements.

No matter what the sales pitch, an Orlando roofing company that uses self-labeled products might not be offering your home the best protection available. Make sure you work with a company that uses top-quality brands that will offer you long-lasting protection and that stand behind their work with warranties and guarantees.

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