Critical Components of Proper Roofing Ventilation

Critical Components of Proper Roofing Ventilation

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Not many homeowners realize the important role that roof ventilation can play in the overall health and life of the roof. Orlando roofers can help you figure out the proper level of ventilation, and the right tools to use, to make sure that you have adequate air flow in the attic.

Air Flow Around Soffit Venting

Your attic requires proper airflow in order to keep moisture from building up under the rafters. While it is important to have insulation and air sealing to keep too much warm or cold air from getting in, many homeowners make the mistake of blocking soffit vents with insulation or by painting over them, which keeps heat and moisture inside. Orlando roofers can help you figure out the right amount of insulation to keep soffit vents clear so warm, moist air from the home moves through the attic to the outside and your roof is protected.

Properly Mount Forced Air Vents

Air vents are also a crucial part of your attic ventilation, but many homeowners are not familiar with the appropriate buffer that air vents require in order to work correctly. Forced air vents should never be mounted within 7 feet of natural flow ventilation, because it can impede the natural flow of the air. Quick roof inspections in Orlando by a professional roofing company can help you get forced air vents in the right place.

Keep Critters Out

All ventilation in the attic should include rodent screens and wind block capability. With colder winter weather on the horizon, many small critters like squirrels will try to find ways to stay warm, and could make their way into your attic. After they get into the attic, these small creatures could end up in your walls and inside your home.

Understand Solar Powered Fans

Solar powered fans can be a great option to save money and take advantage of the sunny Orlando weather, but these fans only work when the sun is actually shining. As winter comes, there are more cloudy days, and fans don’t work on these days. Be sure you have an alternative option for airflow so clouds don’t lead to roof damage.

If you’re concerned about the ventilation in your attic, contact Orlando roofers today to take a look and make suggestions that can improve the airflow so you have a clean, dry attic at all times.

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